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4.97       951 reviews

4.97 stars - based on 951 reviews


Rebel Automotive

975 American Pacific Dr, Ste 103
Henderson, NV 89014

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951 Reviews

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97% of customers
would refer us to friends

4.97       951 reviews

     0.5 Stars - 1339 days ago

terible business plan terrible service [Engine Service / Repair]

Describe my experience..... where to start. How about where it all began. I have been going to Rebel-Auto for a few years now as a loyal customer passed to them from my step-dad. We would usually get services done on one of our older cars to make it pass smog. Rebel used to be great. However something has changed... perhaps new management perhaps loss of sight of what is important to the business and its clients. The reason for my 1 star on this review is the way how POORLY rebel auto addressed the situation. My Toyota corolla is due for registration and has the check engine light on, its time to get it smogged and looked at. We paid the rebel diagnostic fee and learned the car has 2 problem codes. Rebel stated they can fix the problem. I authorized a 500$ repair most of which was labor. Upon pick up I get the response " let us know if the check engine light comes back on". I had a hard swallow with that comment. At first I thought "What do you mean? I thought you fixed my car, we just paid 500$ for a repair". But being in the service industry I took it as, please don't hesitate to call us if there are any problems. Thinking that my car was fixed I then bought 400$ worth of brand new tires as the tread on the old ones was wearing thin (REBEL DID NOT SELL ME THE TIRES). I bought them thinking Rebel fixed my car. Less than 48 hours of picking up the car the check engine light turns back on. I contact Rebel they say bring the car in. I bring the car in again for a second time. I have yet to bring up the inconvenience of having to rework my work schedule a 2nd time for this as I assume that everyone else has to do it too so that is fair. This time upon pick up I see 2 "mechanics" that look lost shrugging their shoulders at me. Lee was un available at pick up so his partner read off the notes "needs to go to manufacture (Toyota) for their diagnostic". I asked the guy what this meant? The mechanic stated "the error codes your car is getting are codes we normally send people to the vendor for" "We tried to fix it but we can not find where the problem is". My first thought was... " Why didn't you tell me this before doing work". The response I get is "you'll have to ask Lee he worked on the vehicle". I talked to Lee who encouraged me to go to the dealer and stated " Let me know what their diagnostic shows, I want to see if we can help". Another 99$ and a day of waiting for Toyota report that prints out needing 3700$ worth of work and a new engine. 2 of the codes are the EXACT SAME as the ones REBEL POSTED. I called Lee back. Lee's response" Well man if that's the code, and Toyota says it needs a new engine, then it needs a new engine" .... That is what Lee "did for me" confirmed Toyota's diagnostic. I am now 1000$ in the hole for a car that is not fixed. Rebel needs to rethink their business model and how they choose to work on things. I have worked for many companies that wont charge if they cant repair, or will refund service/labor fees for incorrect diagnostics. Apparently this is not a company value Rebel- Auto stands for. I do not recommend any service to rebel without getting a full diagnostic from your vendor first, and I would be cautious what you have Rebel fix because if THEY are wrong THEY will not own up to it. Sincerely Former Rebel-Auto Customer.

Google Places View Review on Google Places June 17th 2015

     4.5 Stars - 1347 days ago

Great Experience [Oil Change / Lube]

This place is awesome. There was a little mix up with the appointment. I think I might have written it down wrong (but there is no proof of that). They were totally nice about and just said it would just take a little longer. My husband and I had a blast in the arcade so we were a little sad when the guy came up to tell us they were done. They even did an extra check on something the dealership claimed was wrong. We came in with a coupon and would say they have gained a customer.

Yelp View Review on Yelp June 09th 2015

     5 Stars - 1349 days ago

Joe and team provided outstanding service!! Courteous, professional, cost effective and worked overtime to get me going. [Heating / AC system repairs]

I was returning to the Phoenix area from Las Vegas late afternoon with a business associate when my AC suddenly quit and Joe took my job on where [4] other dealer/auto repair shops told me to check back the next day as too close to 5PM closing. He was very diligent in researching all the options for replacing my AC compressor, hustling the replacement parts to his shop and repairing my vehicle by 6:30PM, an hour and half after normal closing time. I’m very grateful for his and his mechanic’s efforts and would certainly recommend them for their outstanding service.

Yelp View Review on Yelp June 07th 2015

     5 Stars - 1373 days ago

Awesome place to take your car [Oil Change / Lube]

I had a really great experience here. My car was done before my schedule appointment (I brought it in a little early) and they were very accommodating since I hit traffic and wasn’t able to pick it up before closing. I’ve already recommended this place to friends and 10/10 would recommend again!

Yelp View Review on Yelp May 14th 2015

     5 Stars - 1376 days ago

Fast and Friendly! [Engine Service / Repair]

My car was leaking power steering fluid almost as fast as I could put it in, and suddenly my oil pressure was dropping to 0. Rebel got me in quick, diagnosed the problem and had a quote for me in hours. Their friendly staff was able to explain everything to me and kept me up to speed every step of the way and I had my car back in no time. I will definitely be back soon for some other minor repairs. Thank you, Rebel!

Yelp View Review on Yelp May 11th 2015

     5 Stars - 1378 days ago

finally a mechanic I trust in lv [Complete / General Auto Care]

Rebel came highly recommended to me from a friend who had major work done on both his vehicles (newer audi and an f150) I went in and got a synthetic oil change in a v6 for less than $50 (with a %10 of first time q pon. They went over everything they did (which was a lot) and what maintenence i would need soon. They even have a sick a** arcade with like 20 games to play while you wait. Customer service was the best I’ve seen in the industry, not just in NV. Use these guys!!!!

Yelp View Review on Yelp May 09th 2015

     5 Stars - 1381 days ago

Great Work! [Heating / AC system repairs]

Our personal mechanic (and also a friend) that we’ve taken our cars to for years...couldn’t fix the a/c on my wife’s car. We took it to Rebel Automotive & because of their Great Service we’ll be taking all 3 of our vehicles there from now on!

Google Places View Review on Google Places May 06th 2015

     5 Stars - 1399 days ago

Great Service, Great Price, Great Experience! [Oil Change / Lube]

I’m new to Vegas, so I found Rebel through Yelp. Given the great reviews, I decided to try them. It’s a 20 minute drive to for me, but it’s worth it. I scheduled an appointment through their website, and by morning I had a confirmation. I was greeted and my car was taken for service immediately. I was directed to the arcade room, where I had a blast. The price I paid was very reasonable considering it was a synthetic oil change and an inspection was included. I will definitely be coming back here for my next oil change.

Yelp View Review on Yelp April 18th 2015

     4.5 Stars - 1399 days ago

yelp works!!! [Oil Change / Lube]

Got this as a free oil change from automall autobody next door.was very nice,quick and efficient would definately reccomend you to my friends!

Yelp View Review on Yelp April 18th 2015

     0.5 Stars - 1412 days ago

oil change [Oil Change / Lube]

After oil changed my truck lost oil pressure. Has to take my truck to a different place to replace oil pump which cost me more money than I expected

Yelp View Review on Yelp April 05th 2015

     5 Stars - 1418 days ago

AC service [Heating / AC system repairs]

Took my Acura TL to Rebel because my ac stopped working. Spoke to Lee on the phone and he said they’d first service the system to see if it’s low as sometimes ac won’t turn on because it’s low. Thankfully that’s all it was. I love my car and have owned it since new in 2004 and plan on having it another 10 years. My only issue is that I didn’t realize until I got home was that I didn’t see the 10% discount that I thought came along with mentioning that I chose them from Yelp.

Yelp View Review on Yelp March 30th 2015

     4.5 Stars - 1418 days ago

EXCELLENT SERVICE, price was same as quoted. highly recommend [Radiator Replacement / Repair]

Had to replace radiator and was given quote over phone and in writing when came to Rebel. Work was done quickly and accurate. Did work as requested and timely. Very friendly personnel.

Google Places View Review on Google Places March 30th 2015

     5 Stars - 1433 days ago

Good Fair Service [Oil Change / Lube]

Really solid service and fair pricing.

Google Places View Review on Google Places March 15th 2015

     4.5 Stars - 1433 days ago

rebel automotive [Tune Ups / Preventative Maintenance]

Rebel automotive is really great place to have your car serviced. Done my tune up and oil change. My car drives really good.. love the game room for my children as they were occupied while.we were waiting. Love this place

Google Places View Review on Google Places March 15th 2015

     5 Stars - 1435 days ago

Used a Groupon [Oil Change / Lube]

Great service!

Yelp View Review on Yelp March 13th 2015

     5 Stars - 1446 days ago

Keep up the great work! [Oil Change / Lube]

Great experience all around. On time, super courteous, delivered exactly as promised. Lee even talked me out of my more expensive idea. Arcade should earn them a sixth star!

Yelp View Review on Yelp March 02nd 2015

     5 Stars - 1447 days ago

Best Place to get an oil change! [Oil Change / Lube]

I agree with all the great reviews. This is a place I can trust to actually fix my car and not rip me off. I love the fact that what my car needs was thoroughly explained to me and the added bonus of playing in an arcade while you wait just makes this the best place to get your car worked on. Love this place !!!

Google Places View Review on Google Places March 01st 2015

     5 Stars - 1469 days ago

Awesome service every time. [Tune Ups / Preventative Maintenance]

These guys are always helpful and honest. They have served me well across two vehicles. Worth your time and money!

Google Places View Review on Google Places February 07th 2015

     5 Stars - 1471 days ago

Honest Mechanics do exist! [Oil Change / Lube]

They will check prices right in front of you tell you the cost right up front. I even discussed a price I saw online at Ford Country for an Air Filter they double checked the cost again Ford tells them the cost but the give me a coupon for Free Oil change! I was shocked! Thanked the guy said I’ll be back and I was just recently!

Yelp View Review on Yelp February 05th 2015

     4.5 Stars - 1471 days ago

Great Service!! [Oil Change / Lube]

I have had a wonderful experience every time I go to get my car fixed/serviced. I am a single mom & I have never felt pressured to do anything that is not needed at that time. In fact, I feel that they are completely honest in their dealings!

Yelp View Review on Yelp February 05th 2015

     4.5 Stars - 1487 days ago

Best in the west [Oil Change / Lube]

Rebel Auto provides fast and quality service and a great price. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to all of your automotive needs. Also they offer a large amount of discounts for your next visit.

Yelp View Review on Yelp January 20th 2015

     5 Stars - 1498 days ago

Great place! [Oil Change / Lube]

They are friendly and my kids love going there with me to play in the arcade. They also saved me when I took my car there for a second opinion. I had got a new car battery from Sears Auto, and Sears Auto told me that my alternator was dead too. That didn’t seem right to me, so I took my car to Rebel Auto (where I had always gone for oil changes) for a second opinion. They tested my alternator and said it was just fine.

Yelp View Review on Yelp January 09th 2015

     5 Stars - 1528 days ago

car mechanic shop anxiety? Fear no more. [Complete / General Auto Care]

I had put off getting my car even looked at for way too long due to pure mechanic-shop-anxiety. No-one enjoys the car mechanic, dentist, or tax season... But Joe at Rebel changed that. I was referred to them from a friend,after intensely reading the reviews on yelp I finally caved in and made an appointment. I was pleasantly greeted by Joe who you could tell actually enjoys his job and helping people. After surrendering my keys my 7 year old son said he wanted to see this supposed arcade everyone has boasted about. I was expecting 2 maybe 3 old school arcade games...nope. It replicates an arcade at the bowling alley or in the mall. It was huge! And not only that, but it is geared towards kids of all ages ! Games I haven’t played in 15 years ! My husband, myself, and son spent a good 30 minutes in there and we would have been fine playing longer. It really let’s you know these guys care about their customers long term. My car runs awesome and was even less expensive I had been quoted. Um a customer for life.

Yelp View Review on Yelp December 10th 2014

     5 Stars - 1532 days ago

No other place in the Metro [Oil Change / Lube]

Always a pleasure! Don’t take your vehicle any other place in Vegas or Henderson! Full service facility!

Yelp View Review on Yelp December 06th 2014

     5 Stars - 1547 days ago

Down home, local feel [Fluids / Filters]

Great service, friendly attitudes! Comfortable stay!

Yelp View Review on Yelp November 21st 2014

     5 Stars - 1552 days ago

Great experience at Rebel Auto [Engine Service / Repair]

Just had my leaky oil pan gasket replaced here and I was very happy with the service, professionalism, rate, and timeliness. I plan on coming here again for future needs.

Yelp View Review on Yelp November 16th 2014

     4 Stars - 1558 days ago

Did a good job. [Oil Change / Lube]

Did a good job. Wish I asked them to check the brakes though. Oh well, next time.

Yelp View Review on Yelp November 10th 2014

     5 Stars - 1571 days ago

Rebel Oil Change Review [Oil Change / Lube]

I highly recommend Rebel Automotive. They were professional, friendly, a good value, and quick.

Yelp View Review on Yelp October 28th 2014

     4 Stars - 1577 days ago

Great Service! [Brake Systems]

Went in for oil change and asked them to look at my brakes since my warning light was on. They diagnosed front brake issue and didn’t try to upsell me on back brakes. Joe is a great manager, fair, friendly and respectful. Handled the job quickly and price quoted was the price I paid. Only issue stopping me for giving 5 stars is that they couldn’t get the sensor light to go off until back brakes are due to be repaired - sensor is too sensitive. Overall, great service and I’ll be back.

Yelp View Review on Yelp October 22nd 2014

     5 Stars - 1585 days ago

Great service [Oil Change / Lube]

I have been using Rebel exclusively for about a year now. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone. Honest, reliable and they go out of the way to make your visit as good as they can. Including shuttle service if you want it. Go there, you will be glad you did.

Yelp View Review on Yelp October 14th 2014

     5 Stars - 1585 days ago

great place and customer service...never pressured. [Lighting / Electrical]

Very Cool Place With Proper employees. Never make you feel pressure or anything like that which is always a plus

Google Places View Review on Google Places October 14th 2014

     5 Stars - 1625 days ago

Great Deals and Services [Oil Change / Lube]

Great customer service! They offered to drop me off at my school, Touro University, which is just down the street. While that is nice, I also don’t mind waiting in their lounge area upstairs. They have comfortable couches, big screen TVs and tons of arcade games to entertain yourself with. I have gotten my oil changed here twice already, and I’m about to come back to them again! Check out their website for awesome deals.

Google Places View Review on Google Places September 05th 2014

     5 Stars - 1640 days ago

Awesome experience! [Oil Change / Lube]

This was probably the best experience I’ve had getting an oil change. Lee was extremely welcoming and friendly as soon as I walked into the shop. They have their own free arcade upstairs you can hang out at while you wait. After about 30 minutes he walked up to the arcade and handed me my invoice. While he went over the 21-point inspection with me he was not pushy at all and did not try to persuade me into any services I didn’t really need which really surprised me. Lee is a genuine guy and I highly recommend this place!

Yelp View Review on Yelp August 20th 2014

     5 Stars - 1645 days ago

This is the spot to get your oil changed in Henderson. [Oil Change / Lube]

There is not another shop in Henderson that can compete with Rebel Automotive. The customer service is above par and the added bonus of the arcade/lounge makes the wait all the more sweeter. I recommend this shop if you are looking for a reliable place to get your oil changed. Thanks go out to Lee for his great customer service.

Yelp View Review on Yelp August 15th 2014

     5 Stars - 1669 days ago

AWESOME [Oil Change / Lube]

I’ll never go anywhere else for my oil changes. Friendly staff and AWESOME game room!

Google Places View Review on Google Places July 22nd 2014

     5 Stars - 1677 days ago

Great shop [Oil Change / Lube]

Great shop. Prices were super cheap and the service was great. Having an awesome waiting room doesn’t hurt either. Check Groupon for discounts!

Google Places View Review on Google Places July 14th 2014

     5 Stars - 1697 days ago

great team [Starting / Charging]

These guys are the best in town I wouldn’t go anywhere else it’s hard to find a mechanic you can trust but you can trust them

Yelp View Review on Yelp June 24th 2014

     5 Stars - 1706 days ago

Rebel Automotive is the best!!! [Oil Change / Lube]

Rebel Auto is by far the best automotive repair establishment that I have ever gone to in my life. Everything from the service, care, honesty, and comfort. Im extremely weary of automotive repair places in Vegas trying to take advantage of customers. This place gives you hope that there is actually businesses that want to treat their customers fairly...and are about their safety. Since I started going to Rebel automotive for my routine oil changes and services....I refuse to go anywhere else.

Yelp View Review on Yelp June 15th 2014

     5 Stars - 1723 days ago

Great place, excellent service. Not pushy about sales but explained what needed to replaced or serviced [Oil Change / Lube]

Had oil change done there. Rotated my tires and replaced the air filter. Customer service was excellent and prices were reasonable.

Yelp View Review on Yelp May 29th 2014

     4 Stars - 1759 days ago


Great price and great service. Kept you informed. Best price I’ve ever received on oil change on my BMW. I will definitely go back for oil change and possible any other issues

Yelp View Review on Yelp April 23rd 2014

     5 Stars - 1771 days ago

Safe and secure service [Complete / General Auto Care]

I am a single woman, it is hard to trust most automotive shops. At Rebel Automotive I have always been comfortable with their service. I have referred their services to others at my work. They all feel the same way about Rebels service.

Yelp View Review on Yelp April 11th 2014

     5 Stars - 1771 days ago

Rebel Auto [Complete / General Auto Care]

Rebel Auto has gives customer service, plain and simple. Whether your car is in for an oil change or repairs, they like to keep you in the loop with what is going on. I have experienced a nightmare when my AC went out (in Vegas AC is everything), with a dealership that shall remain nameless. They had me driving back in forth from home, work, and the dealership during summer just to tell me my parts never arrived. After my 3rd trip to their shop, they finally had it in. I wish the communication would have been

Yelp View Review on Yelp April 11th 2014

     5 Stars - 1774 days ago

Best place in town! [Oil Change / Lube]

Extremely courteous & professional staff, super clean facilities, & an entire FREE arcade to keep my 3 kids busy while my car was being worked on. Very competitive prices as well. I highly recommend these guys!

Yelp View Review on Yelp April 09th 2014

     5 Stars - 1775 days ago


GREAT SERVICE! Can’t wait to bring back my car for a oil change.

Yelp View Review on Yelp April 07th 2014

     5 Stars - 1782 days ago

Staff very nice [Oil Change / Lube]

First visit to Rebel for oil change. Great experience. I plan to return again.

Yelp View Review on Yelp March 31st 2014

     5 Stars - 2079 days ago

A great facility and they treat you with respect! [Oil Change / Lube]

First time I went here and I was very impressed. These guys are obviously very qualified to do what they do, and they are fair and treat their customers very well. Waiting for my work to be finished was easy in their separate recreational facility filled with pool tables, air hockey, arcade games, and a separate TV room.

Yelp View Review on Yelp June 07th 2013

     5 Stars - 2113 days ago

Great service, friendly knowledgeable no pressure staff [Electronic Analysis and Repair]

I found the guys at Rebel Auto knowledgable and friendly. They did only the work that needed completed when I took my car in and recommended future work with no pressure to do it immediately. I am posting great reviews anywhere I can because I want everyone to go here and these guys to be open for a long time! It’s so nice to have a trustworthy place to take our cars!

Yelp View Review on Yelp May 05th 2013

     5 Stars - 2160 days ago

Trustworthy & Friendly Service [Engine Service / Repair]

I highly recommend Rebel Automotive! The service was great, the price was fair, and the repair was perfect!

Google Places View Review on Google Places March 18th 2013

     5 Stars - 2170 days ago

Very Happy!!!!! [Oil Change / Lube]

Very professional clean and honest. I was loyal to my dealership, but not anymore. THANK YOU

Yelp View Review on Yelp March 08th 2013

     5 Stars - 2176 days ago

I highly recommend Rebel Automotive! [Brake Systems]

I highly recommend Rebel Automotive! Very clean and professional service with amenities not offered anywhere else. Knowledgeable and friendly staff were able to diagnose my car troubles and provide a quick and cost effective solution.

Yelp View Review on Yelp March 02nd 2013

     5 Stars - 2198 days ago

Great Service Guys! [Oil Change / Lube]

It was convenient to get in and out with a premium oil change. Thanks!

Google Places View Review on Google Places February 08th 2013

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